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Bulk Mulch

Our mulch is manufactured in Louisville, KY from a triple shred hard wood that comes from local trees. Its important to know what you are getting and where it came from! Some mulch companies only grind the wood once, resulting in a powdery or stringy mulch that fades fast and looks poor in quality. Our mulch standards are set high, and we proudly stand behind our process and high-quality product.

Are you looking for a specialty mulch like grade A cedar or pine bark? We have every kind of mulch in bulk that you could want, and at some of the cheapest prices in Louisville. Use our online ordering form to select your mulch and either have it delivered, or pick it up at our retail and manufacturing location. Click “place an order” to get started.

Bagged Mulch Near Me

Bagged Mulch

Need specialty mulch? We have all the unique wood blends you could want in large 3 cubic foot bags. Cypress mulch, cedar mulch, pine bark mulch, pine straw, and much more.

Bagged mulch is a great alternative for those with smaller projects that don’t need our bulk mulch delivery, or those want to landscape their yard in stages.

No matter the size of your landscaping project, Louisville Mulch has you covered, with premium bagged mulch at a great price.

Gravel & Aggregates

The best way to instantly add a modern look to any garden, drive, path, or pond is by laying down gravel or aggregates. Using a wide range of colors and textures will beautifully complement your existing planting and landscaping areas.

¬†Louisville Mulch has a great selection of quality aggregates from all over the the country. Whether you’re going for a more traditional look, or a more exciting look with stone that cant be found in this region, Louisville Mulch can help!

Aggregate For Sale Near Me
Trees for sale Louisville KY

Trees & Shrubs

We provide over one thousand trees and shrubs to the Louisville area each year from our 16 acre nursery in the east end of Louisville. Our Trees, just like our mulch are Kentucky Proud certified. This means your tree was planted in Kentucky, grown in Kentucky, and harvested in Kentucky. 

We’re truly local, and believe in supporting our local economy, so you won’t find us importing trees from other states like many other so-called “local nurseries”.

Landscaping Stone

We are excited to offer our exclusive line of stone for landscaping and construction. All of our stone is harvested locally from our quarry and sold exclusively under our sister company Louisville Stone Supply.

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique look that cant be bought at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or anywhere else in Louisville for that matter, look no further than our stone yard. Our exclusive selection of landscaping stone is for sale at wholesale pricing. Visit us at our 16 acre stone yard in Louisville to see all the amazing types of stone we have to offer.

Landscaping Stone Louisville

What Our Customers Say

Eric B.


Superb establishment. Literally mountains of mulch far as the eye can see! Quality product, excellent service, and best price in town.

Yulianna B.


We recently updated our landscape, and honestly I used 3 companies before Louisville Mulch and I wish I used them first. Best experience! Recommend!

Rick B.


Excellent customer service. Very helpful in choosing the proper mulch color and expected coverage. Will use them again for mulch.

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